Corporate Social Responsibility
Enerserve has taken its first step recently towards founding a private charity called Maanzoon, registered as an International Non ProfitOrganisation. Its prime motive and function is to support young orphaned and single parent children’s, primarily in war torn countries where Enerserve is active.
Our Vision is to ensure the best start to life and continued welfare of needy orphaned and single parent children by providing access to full-time education. Each child is assisted through to adulthood and with our support, many will go on to university and find skilled or semi-skilled employment. We believe that proper care at a young age forms the foundation for a stable and positive future.
We currently support 14 Children in Iraq and our goal is to increase this number to 100 within 3 Years. 
One of our charity activities is to arrange individuals to sponsor one or more children and raise funds for the purchase of educational aides, schools and clinics. Every penny raised reaches the children. Information on contributions can be sent by mailing on csr@ener-serve.com